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2 min readPublished Jul 19, 2022

Live Cursors

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Live cursors show where other users’ cursors are in a virtual space, such as a digital board. It allows users to see where people are when collaborating online. It gives a sense of togetherness in a digital world.

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You can incorporate more functionality within your Live Cursors such as:

  • Showing mouse interaction, such as clicks, mouse drag etc.

  • Allowing users to annotate and draw on the board.

  • Adding emotions to a cursor

Copy link to clipboardBuilding your Live Cursor

Ably has simple yet powerful APIs to help you to build Live Cursors, enabling multiple users to collaborate efficiently online.

Copy link to clipboardAbly Channels

Channel is the unit of distribution of messages. Channels can be used to segment the data. For example, cursors in different boards, different rooms in audience engagement tools etc. Users or their devices can subscribe to a specific or multiple channels.

Copy link to clipboardAbly Pub/Sub Messaging

Pub/Sub is an architectural pattern used to distribute realtime information, such as messages. Messages can be of any format. For Live Cursors, the data will represent a cursor position. Publishing multiple messages allows the cursor to be tracked.

Copy link to clipboardGetting started: Live Cursors checklist

You'll need to do the following to get started with adding Live Cursors to your application.

  • Implement the UI for the Live Cursor

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